Friday, March 30, 2012

Zombies :)

Hey, since i realize not many people really read my blog (which is totally fine) i decided as a little treat for those of you who do, i will give you guys a bit of a preview/update of what i am working on. :) So as you can see from the title, i am indeed working on an awesome zombie claymation! :D it's an Ed & Wallace, but as many of you have asked for, more action! So again, probably only about 3 people or so will read this, but here are some pictures for the awesome few that you are :D
here's a shot, that is just sorta an ending picture, but i think its just kinda a cool little thing to show you guys :)

And here is a sorta dolly shot of all the zombies i made :D

So that's my little preview for you guys :) the video should be finished in a couple of days! 

OOH i have a brilliantish idea! okay, if you were one of these few people who read this post, when i upload the video, comment "Purple llama foot rainbow!" 

And no one will have any idea what we're talking about, besides you small group of readers of my blog! so yeah, please post that when i upload the video! :3

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