Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moar Counter Strike!

i don't think theres many people actually reading this, but i will make a longer counter strike video, WITH MOAR BLOOD :P

Sunday, August 28, 2011

TheFarmingBoy's W.I.P

so TheFarmingBoy is workin on an animation entry for my contest, and so far it looks awesome! reminds me a lot of portal :D  so yeah, heres' the link :D

Behind The Scenes Of Lego Counter Strike

So first of all, here is my basic set up.
So this is my set up for the first person effect. :D
So this is me lighting a Lego guys head (this isn't the actual head, i made this after i finished the video)
Then while the head is melted i used a nail to shape it the way i wanted
Then i finish up my smearing some red clay on it! i had to do this every frame for 
the head shot melting more and more and adding clay :D

Watch the finished video here :D

Head Shot!

so yeah, yesterday i made a quick counter strike, first person shooter sorta thang! in lego! dun dun DUNN!
So watch it here, and i will try to post some behind to scenes of the camera rig and what not here :D

Friday, August 26, 2011


Decided to make a contest in celebration of partnership :D

I made this when i was bored, Hahahahaha!

Made this epic picture :D (not part of an animation)

ain't it purty :D

Blogspot Button

added a button on my youtube banner, hopefully this will lead you here :D, but yeah, just made this, so not too much on it, just learning how to use it, and i will be posting pictures of upcoming projects and stuff like that :D

Made a Blog :D

yay i made a blog! now i have to figure out how to make a button on my youtube channel leading to this...